Lonnie Somers

Running Denver Founder
Used to Hate Running, 80’s Music Geek.

I used to hate running, but it changed my life. After a single 5k, my wife and I got the bug to run a marathon.  So we did. OUCH THAT HURT. What I love about RunningDenver is we get to showcase the best of our passion for running. From where and what to run, to the amazing people of all abilities showcased on our site and show.  Today I have 9 marathons, one solo ultra and countless miles under my feet. Running challenges me. It centers me. It calms me.

My most profound experience was that fetal surgery saved my twin daughters. I started a charity 5K and from there, I own Hallucination Sports, I get to announce and voice many events in Colorado, and across the country. I’m also a board member an officer of Running USA.

Favorite Race: Disney Marathon, because it is the happiest place on earth and it was my wife’s and my first.

Worst race: The Snow Mountain Ranch Marathon near Winter Park. It was summer. It was hot. The worst part was these nagging biting black flies. It was a two lap course and I was pretty shot after lap one. I guess the nagging flies were the reason I made it through the second half. I am still annoyed by them 14 years later.

Favorite vacation spot – Vacation? What is that! Truthfully anywhere I can spend quality time with my family.


Chris Skelton


Born and raised in California, Chris has always had a love of writing, art and graphics. This led of course to him diving headlong into videography and he started his own blog and YouTube channel in 2014 highlighting critical thinking, science and reason.

Favorite race: Cycling for Cancer – a fun 26K bike ride which raised money to help a lot of people

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite Muppet: Cookie Monster